Sarah H. McGrath

About Me

I am originally from Pittsburgh, PA and am currently an Applications Consultant at Plus Consulting on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM team.

I am interested in working on the back end of systems, using C#, Python, and COBOL. I took two semesters of COBOL and enjoy writing the language. I am gaining experience using SSIS to interact with systems.

When coding in my free time, I typically use Python. I have a couple of one shot scripts on GitHub and am working on a package that would move saved URLs between various websites. Most of my Python work is done in Vim / the terminal and my dotfiles are also on GitHub.

In my free time I like to watch sports, read, and play video games. I have built several OLKBs (ortho-linear keyboards) and tinker with running various services on my Arch Linux powered server.

Last updated: Thu 04 July 2019